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Pioneer Museum Renovation Highlights History of Blue Licks Battlefield State Resort Park


While the park is named after the famous battle, the museum features exhibits that cover thousands of years of history at Blue Licks, the site of a natural spring that attracted animals and people. The spring dried up in the late 19th century.

The museum includes exhibits and artifacts about pre-historic animals and fossils, native Americans who lived in the area and pioneers who moved there in the 18th century. Another major focus is the battle with a three-dimensional diorama that provides minute-by-minute descriptions of what happened on Aug. 19, 1782, when British soldiers and their Native American allies ambushed and defeated pioneer settlers.

Some of the items on display include a button from the uniform of an officer of Butler’s Rangers, the British loyalist militia unit that fought at Blue Licks, replicas of the clothing worn by battle participants, several 18th century weapons including a British Brown Bess rifle and a large mural and diorama that depicts Blue Licks’ historic landscape.

Blue Licks Battlefield State Resort Park is one of the few Revolutionary War battlefields left in the country. The park features a lodge, Hidden Waters Restaurant, cottages, mini-golf, gift shop, picnic area, hiking trails, swimming pool and a campground. The park is located 48 miles northeast of Lexington on U.S. 68.

For more information, visit or call the park at 1-800-443-7008.

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