Battle of Blue Licks

Battle Re-Enactment Waiver

& Photo Release Form


I recognize that there is an element of risk in any adventure, or living history event. I am also fully aware of the risk and dangers inherent in this battle reenactment.

Knowing the inherent risk, dangers and rigors required of said activity, I certify that I am, and my family, including minor children are fully capable of participating in the said activity.  I assume full responsibility for myself, my family, including minor children for bodily injury, death and loss of personal property and expenses thereof as a result of my negligence of my family participating in said activity.


I hereby give Kentucky State Parks permission to use my (or my child’s) photograph(s) in its publications, promotional material, or on its web site to promote parks. I release the Kentucky Department of Parks, the photographer, employees, and the state from liability for any violation of any personal or proprietary right I may have in connection with such use.


If subject is under 18: I, ___________________________, am the parent/

legal guardian of the individual named below and I have read this release

and approve of its terms.


Subject Name: _________________________ Date: ______________

Signature : _________________________ (above, if subject under 18)

Phone: ______________________

Address: ________________________________________________

City: _________________________ State: _______ Zip: __________


___________________________   __________________________
Signature of participant





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